CPHQ for Business
المهارات العملية لأخصائي جودة الرعاية الصحية

CPHQ for Business: Practical Skill Set for Quality Professionals:

20-40 hours course with very flexible varieties as follow:


1- Classes.


2- In-house: in your hospital or healthcare facility.

3- Online Live Classes.

4- Self-Training Packages (STP): CPHQ School

5- Blended: STP with Classes or Online.

6- Sponsored: Through another training company/ broker.

New CPHQ School Version 2.0:


Is a brand-new self-training package which has a great impact on Arab trainees in the region.


The CPHQ School consists of the following courses:

First Course: QPS-01: CPHQ Preliminary Course (to prepare for CPHQ exam):

It consists of a recorded CPHQ material in bilingual format (English-Arabic); along with the most significant study resources and up-to-date exam questions.


Second Course: QPS-02: CPHQ for Business (Practical Skills for Healthcare Quality Professionals):

It comprises the tools needed in any quality professional's career suc as how to develop a policy and procedure, PDCA, FMEA, KPIs, Plans; how to coordinate a n accreditation program in your healthcare facility, how to evolve your leadership, communication skills and conducting research in healthcare quality.

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